Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Weekend

Our Weekend's Progress...Brian had a lot of help today. Jesse, Tyler, Todd and Dad C. were all able to help today. I have seen the most progress today. It is amazing how much they got done. When I came out this morning, it was Jesse and Brian working while the kids and I pushed water around. I got to watch Brian cut out one of the only windows that need to be notched into a piece of log. It took awhile, but turned out really nice.
Clara helping push the rain from last night.
Making the cut look smooth.

Clara looked adorable.
My cute kids. We were visited today by Amy K. and her family. They came out to see the progress. They are going to be building a log home in a few years. The kids got to meet Gabe. They got along really well. The sound of the saw was a little loud for them.

My handy husband created this neat invention which keeps the drill for the wiring from going straight and lining up each time. I am so in awe over how well Brian is doing. Our house looks beautiful. Brian's dad has a great invention too... see below.
You can see it above... it is a thing that slides over the log so that the cut is straight everytime. We are doing everything with a chainsaw and it looks awesome!

The look when I was leaving this morning.

This is what it looked like tonight when we came back.

It is amazing. There are 5-6 courses of logs up.
You can see all the windows framed in the picture above.



Our home.
Tonight I am grateful for...
So much help today at the property... thanks Jesse, Tyler, Todd and Dad C. You made so much happen today!
friends visiting the property to see the progress
cute moments of the kids
Clara popping in our room tonight with her bear pillow and dolly
our home
Tanya and Jimmy (we are all glad they are up visiting)
time with Brian
having a wonderful day tomorrow

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