Monday, May 25, 2009


All stress begins with one negative thought. One thought that went unchecked, and then more thoughts came and more, until stress manifested. The effect is stress, but the cause was negative thinking, and it all began with one little negative thought. No matter what you might have manifested, you can change it … with one small positive thought and then another.

I have played the Secret game numerous times this weekend and I keep getting matches in 34 tries which gives you the quote above. Funny thing is I have felt extreme stress lately and am trying to change my thoughts... I am guessing this is why I have gotten this quote at least 3 times this weekend... do you think it is trying to tell me something?

When adding the new Scrapping the Music song for this week to my playlist, I found another new song to me... It's Your Life by the same artist. It is #2 on my playlist currently. I added the lyrics on the side of my blog. I plan on using the lyrics while scrapping soon.

Tonight I am grateful for...
music and inspiration
mojo for my "find your style" layouts- will be completed tomorrow
inchies- upcoming class- look so adorable- can't wait to post
mom and Tim driving out to see us
Mom getting over her fear of heights to climb up to see the house- you rock!
Carabas dinner- thanks!
Tanya and Jimmy- spending time with us and the kids
Needing to buy smaller clothing
Going to the movies with Brian- seeing "Ghost of Girlfriend's Past"- It was good.
my health
my kids' health
feeling well rested
scrapping tomorrow

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