Monday, March 30, 2009


I have two boys in my class that are "ladies men." The one in the morning fell in love with me before the year began when he first saw my picture on my welcome letter. His mom told me that he loves me... even more than her. It was cute... mom wasn't upset (a little sad, but knew it was a cute thing). Well, today she informed me that I am now "out" and my student teacher is his new love. It is adorable. In my afternoon, I have a child who calls himself a ladies man and asked my student teacher to marry him today. You got to love the willingness to express themselves and how they feel. I hope they keep that willingness throughout their lives and continue to tell the girls in their lives how they truly feel. (Hopefully, they choose people who are appropriate for their own age.) :)

Today I am grateful for...
technology- can't wait to use the smartboard tomorrow to teach a phonemic awareness lesson
figuring out how to use the smartboard with ease
"Ladies men" and their cute ways
Children trying to wink when they can only blink
A day with my students tomorrow teaching (I get to teach the whole day) *I know you are thinking, don't you do that everyday, but not when you have a student teacher.
Gushers.... love them.
Chili- comfort food for dinner
a warm blanket
Sydney White- watching that movie while I work
Time to do school work while the children are outside playing
An appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow.
Day 0's- get to wear jeans
Jammies- just love them
progress on the house- beams go up on Sunday

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