Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever...

The best birthday present ever... tears of joy!

Picture this... stepping out of your car and seeing a huge pile of stone, feeling the mud beneath your feet not being as soft as you remember it the day before... begin the trek up the driveway not knowing what you are about to see... the entire way, your heart is pounding, excitement is setting in, when you reach the crest, you see 3 men working as hard as they can be, when you take a few steps more you see a stone footprint of where your house will be placed in hours... jubilation fills your heart, tears fill your eyes, excitement fills your soul... this is what I was given for my birthday today! Within 10 minutes, 3 more men join the work... even though I was only able to rake a little bit of stone, I know there is plenty of work for me to do on this journey ahead! Then try to hide your tears from everyone working on the property and just trying to tell them how grateful you are for their help. Thank you to all the men who have helped us so far, even if it is just for a half hour and numerous others who are about to commence our construction of "The Campbell's Cozy Cabin!" Please take a moment if you may, to say a little prayer for all those who are helping us! I am grateful for you and thank God for you!

Brian is standing at one corner of the house, while I am standing at the other corner.... it is small isn't it! We realized that our little cape cod, would fit in half of our house.

Tonight I am grateful for...
Bryce feeling a little better
Clara being Clara
Blueberry Crumb Cake (what a great way to end a meal)
My children asking me to dance with them... while celebrating my birthday
Children singing "happy birthday" to me (Bryce, Clara and Jonathan's phone call)
All the birthday phone calls and texts
The gift of a foundation... see above
sleeping well tonight
Having wonderful weather tomorrow
Spring weather

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