Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11- warning long post

We had our Superior Walls Foundation set in place today. They come already poured, insulated and ready for wiring! They are awesome!
We have the beginning of our home. We have walls! With the power of positive thinking and using “The Secret” to our advantage… we kept the rain off and got a heavy crane truck up our driveway to set the foundation. I cannot say more about the power of positive thinking. Everyone kept telling Brian that it was going to rain and be really bad today. Brian kept saying it wasn’t going to rain. It barely sprayed droplets today! It was one of the best personal days I have ever taken. I enjoyed sitting on “our side porch”- or what will be used to create it as well as the stump behind the house watching for hours the foundation being put in.

In the morning, I helped rake the stone for our footer. Once again, we had wonderful help! I am going to let the rest of the story be told in pictures… by 3 pm today, we had our foundation.

If you know me, you know I was in tears today. The feeling of relief came over my body. Everytime a wall was set into place, I teared up. I couldn’t hold it back… I tried to hide it, but Brian caught me everytime! They were definitely tears of joy!

Cheap, but great workers!!!

They are currently sitting in that window to their "playroom." They had a blast and didn't want to leave... they asked where the logs were... they loved finding out what is going where. Ex. they each stood below where their bedrooms are going to be.

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