Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have so many things to be grateful for...

I am grateful to have a husband who truly can do it all!
I am grateful to fhave found someone who shares the same dreams I do and get to witness them come true together.
I am grateful to have two wonderful children who are grateful to play in the mud.
I am grateful that Clara had underwear on all evening and we didn't even know it... she came to the property with Pop Pop and left 2 hours later... went to get dinner, came home and ate most of it, then she asked to go potty and we found the underwear... oh my! What a monumental day!
I am grateful to have walls on a little piece of this Earth that I can call mine.
I am grateful that our process of "building" has commenced.
I am grateful that the weather is beautiful to help with the commencement.
I am grateful that my after school workshops are going so well. Only 3 more to go... one tomorrow and 2 next week.
I am grateful to have this blog where I can share my gratefulness and life with family and friends.
I am grateful to be able to watch "House."
I am grateful for my sons funny things that he says...
Chucky Cheeze-its... is Chucky Cheese
Chikadonalds is McDonalds
I am grateful for everyones help today and in the future!
I am grateful that you took the time to read my blog. Thank you!

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Unknown said...

YEAH! I am so excited for you guys! I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to see your dreams being built right in front of your eyes! I know I will be there..... someday!!It is so exciting to see how quickly everything was done! WHOO HOO! I am so sorry that I have not had a moment to help out. I promise I will make time to help out where it is needed very soon Congratulations!! I love you guys!

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