Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let the craziness begin

I am so thankful that I am a very good multi- tasker! I can never just take on 1 or 2 responsibilities at one time... no... I need 10-12! I crave doing 10 things at one time, not really but I get bored when I have two few things going on. So, this week's craziness so far has included, having a student teacher begin in my classroom, becoming grade level chair in a few weeks, finishing my after school scrapbook workshop, organizing grade level field trip, attending a meeting on full day kindergarten, designing projects for Scrapbooking's Inn, writing up handouts for tomorrow night's class, still need to create the sketch.... plus lots more... I didn't mention anything about the house, children, and other normal duties that I have.

I haven't stopped since 6 am this morning and it is close to midnight... I am not finished with the tasks that I need to get done tonight- create sketch, etc. and it will all begin again tomorrow. I have a feeling this will be a slow week for posting.

I hope to participate in Scrapping the Music's challenge... the song is "We will rock you." I have a great idea that I want to create... I guess I will have to try to do that this weekend.

Tonight, I am grateful to get enough sleep to feel rested
to have a wonderful day tomorrow
to have excellent classes tomorrow night
to have a wonderful last afterschool workshop
to get to spend some quality time with my kids soon (since I didn't get to see them tonight and I won't get to see them tomorrow) grr...
to have a wonderful 1st Campbell's Soup Challenge
to surprise a coworker with a baby shower tomorrow morning
to have something in the works for Scrapbooking's Inn (share more details soon.)

I will post pictures of the challenge projects and the winner on Friday! Good luck to all! Don't forget the winner gets a pack of Jillibean Journaling Sprouts!

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