Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bloomsburg University

Brian and I enjoyed our trip down memoring lane on Friday night. We talked the entire drive up about memories we had, things we wanted to do and people we wanted to call while we were there. At the show, one of our previous students, who attended the 1st Dance Ensemble show, in currently a Junior and a great dancer. The advisors of the ensemble, introduced the two of us during the show. They also asked us to come back next year and dance. The girls and guys did a great job. There are 150 members in the ensemble. Our favorite routine was the African routine... it was superb. We got a hold of Ann Marie, whose daughter Alexis, was one of our absolute favorite dancers... we named Clara's middle name after her. We didn't get to meet up, but we did get to talk. Ann Marie sent us a picture of Alexis, she is so beautiful. We also got to talk to Danielle who runs the Bloomsburg Studio of Dance. We are planning on meeting up with her soon as well. It was a great trip!

On Saturday, we spent time with my family... watching Step it up 2- taking it to the streets (loved it), lunch (Clara going poopy on the potty @ restaurant), feeding fish and ducks with Grandpa, then scrapping with Clara at Amy's store. It was a great night... I am just finishing watching Anger Management for the 3rd time... got to return it tomorrow when I go scrapbook!
I just made a sample of my kit and added Easter stickers to it!

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