Monday, March 9, 2009

Twas the Night Before my Birthday...

Twas the Night Before my Birthday... when all through the house, not a person was stirring, not even a child. Clara was tucked up all snug in her bed, while visions of grandure danced in her head. Bryce was lying all tucked on the couch... watching Noggin... while fighting his fever quietly in the house.

The chaos has begun with building our house.... foundation will arrive on Wednesday! Stone for the footer and driveway are delivered tomorrow.

The best present in the world is having our house being worked on... Brian wished me a happy birthday tonight, because he won't see me tomorrow in preparing for our big day on Wednesday! I will post more tomorrow!

I am thankful for...
birthdays and how miraculous they are... (no wonder I love them so much)
froggy voices (they sound so cute on sick little boys)
Bryce feeling better, loosing his cough and breaking all the fevers
Clara not catching this sickness
Foundation being put in on Wednesday
The strength and endurance of Brian and his dad
The positive attitude of Brian throughout this process
my children
the weather being nice
root beer floats (one is on its way to me right now)

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