Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 6

Progress on the Property
We are so thankful for such beautiful weather... the warmth is melting the many inches of snow we got earlier this week.
Here is a picture looking up our driveway. It has been smoothed out, no more hills to climb... just smooth sailing.Here is a picture looking down the driveway.
Here is Brian's Dad moving "mountains"... trying to smooth out the dug area preparing for Wednesday. We have the foundation being put in.

Here is a picture of where the house will go. The Jeep is parked up in our "backyard". Where the Jeep is, is where we will exit from the front porch. In the back, we plan on adding a patio with a fire pit.

Brian is "tamping" the driveway. Here is where the tree's roots that took down the powerline last week. I don't think I posted those pictures yet... I better get on that. He dug out the stump and roots and is filling in the hole to make a smooth turn up the driveway.

Bryce loved the rock pile. The rocks will be used in the footers. He loved sliding down the pile as well as watch Daddy and Pop Pop work.

Filing in the hole at the bottom of the driveway.

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