Thursday, March 26, 2009

My 100th post

Yeah, this is my 100th post! Leave a comment on this post by Sunday, March 29th and have a chance to win a pack of Jillibean sprouts- I have brown sprouts on white that I will give away.

Since Brian and I are heading back to Bloomsburg University this weekend- place where we met- share a favorite memory either from college or from when you met your significant other.

Brian and I met during the 1st meeting of the Dance Ensemble which I helped create in college. We are going to see their annual show tomorrow night. I read in the Alumni news that the ensemble is one of the biggest organizations now and they have over 100 members... it was about 30 when Brian and I belonged! I can't wait to see the show!

I will choose a random number to choose who to give the sprouts too! Thanks for playing!


Maryann said...

i love hearing stories of how people meet... mine involves alcohol and a bar.. enough said!

Happie Stamper said...

Have a great time at Bloomsburg this weekend reminiscing Jen!
Well, how my husband and I met is a long story. The short story is... he is my soulmate and I couldn't live without him. It took our first 10 years of marriage to figure it out. This August we will be married for 15 years. I was a very young (20 yr old) mom with 2 kids and he came and swept me off my feet and took care of us. Not too many MEN would be able to become an instant daddy to 2 kids that aren't his at the age of 25. Thanks for letting me share my story. :)

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